Beverly Hills Dental Arts is a premier dental practice specializing in cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers with natural-looking porcelain veneers, crowns, and Invisalign treatment. Our dental practice is led by Dr. Anjali Rajpal, a world-renowned cosmetic dentist who has helped numerous A-list celebrities and public personalities achieve the perfect smile. Instead of offering a cookie-cutter treatment plan, Dr. Rajpal curates a personalized treatment to elevate your smile using cutting-edge scientific techniques and her keen artistic intuition.

The Science & Art of Dentistry

Beverly Hills Dental Arts believes dentistry is more than just a scientific or medical pursuit — it’s an art form. The quality of your smile can transform your life, potentially opening up social and professional doors you didn’t realize existed. As a lifelong sculptor and painter, Dr. Rajpal is a passionate dentist who cares about creativity, perception and working with her hands. Furthermore, Dr. Rajpal undergoes continued education to learn about the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs that can further help her patients.

Elevate Your Smile in Luxury

The exam rooms are equipped with comfortable ergonomic dental massaging chairs for stress relief and a spa-like relaxation experience to allow you a chance to be pampered.

Put your mind at ease with enjoyable music. Our exam chairs have TVs mounted on the ceiling above, which can stream HD channels for your entertainment. The noise-canceling headphones we provide block outside sound so you can relax during the treatment.

Your time is important so we try to adhere to the schedule and take care of you soon after you arrive. The energy in our office is soothing, tranquil, and uplifting. We strive for a safe, creative, comfortable, and compassionate environment that exceeds your expectations.

Green Practice Initiatives

Beverly Hills Dental Arts is proactive in identifying risks to enhance the dental care experience. We have committed to maintaining an environmental and socially conscious dental office by investing in the latest green dental office technology. We have eliminated most toxins such as amalgam fillings or crowns with mercury, nickel, or other harmful materials. We have improved safety and reduced the amount of waste and pollution our practice produces. We have a high regard for the health and safety of our patients and our employees. We are doing our part and implementing strategies to reduce the carbon footprint.

How We Are Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

  • Digital x-rays have 80 percent less radiation exposure for the patients and staff than conventional film x-rays. The images are of higher quality for immediate review, greatly increasing workflow efficiency. It eliminates our exposure to harmful developing chemicals.
  • Digital impressions to obtain an accurate mold of your teeth without the need for dental putties which can create distorted results.
  • Digital photography creates digital patient records for treatment, evaluation, presenting the procedures and patient counseling. The high-quality images are available in seconds and can be displayed for the patient on computer screens in minutes.
  • The LED curing lights used for molding the fillings are less harmful to the eyes, require less power to operate and are longer lasting.
  • Our office is now mostly paperless, contactless for forms, and mobile. This is to improve workflow efficiency, ensure document security, confidentiality, improve accessibility and for better care coordination. We work with managed IT services on a web-based platform that is secure and encrypted to track patient records and appointments. They provide HIPAA-compliant patient forms that can be filled out online or from any PC or mobile device globally or on our office iPad. The patient forms are then integrated with electronic health records to improve patient communication. This reduces human error, the use of paper and the need to dispose of ink cartridges

Payment Options

We gladly accept Visa®, Discover®, American Express®, or MasterCard®, debit cards, cash, and cashier’s checks payments.

Payment plans are available through a third party, CareCredit®, a healthcare credit card which extends special financing options designed to cover your health needs.

Schedule a Consultation

Beverly Hills Dental Arts is committed to comprehensive smile transformations. Dr. Rajpal analyzes your facial anatomy and discusses your goals to perform long-lasting smile makeovers that look completely natural. Instead of offering a cookie-cutter treatment plan, she provides personalized porcelain veneers, crowns, inlays/ onlays, and other cosmetic treatments, helping you achieve optimal dental functionality and aesthetics. If you’re dissatisfied with the shape, shade, or general appearance of your teeth, we encourage you to meet Dr. Rajpal today.

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