The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a powerful structure that manages most of the movements related to your lower face and jaws, allowing you to chew, speak, and move your mouth. But stress, bruxism, incorrect bite, and other such issues can lead to TMJ disorders that prevent you from speaking or eating comfortably. Dr. Rajpal uses cutting-edge technologies to identify the root cause of your TMJ disorder and curate a personalized treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms and jaw pain in Beverly Hills.

What is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder includes a range of symptoms that are associated with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). These joints connect the lower jaw to the skull on each side of the head. Problems in this area develop when excess stress is put on the structures around the joint, including the muscles, teeth, ligaments, and cartilage. If you notice the symptoms of a TMJ disorder, such as headaches, ringing in the ears, popping, grinding, or clicking during jaw movement, please contact Dr. Rajpal to explore your TMJ treatment options.

What Causes TMJ Disorder?

Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding or teeth clenching, can contribute to TMJ disorder. Though the cause of bruxism is unknown, it is believed that stress is a factor. The other possibility is that you may be compensating for an incorrect bite. It is extremely common for patients to grind their teeth in their sleep, so you may not even be aware that you exhibit bruxism. Bruxism leads to many dental problems down the line.

Clenching and grinding of the teeth, poor posture, arthritis, injuries, and structural problems can cause excess stress and pressure at the joints, which can cause the uncomfortable symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. Symptoms of TMJ disorder may include headaches, ringing in the ears, popping, grinding, or clicking during jaw movement, difficulty opening or closing the mouth, and even neck and shoulder pain. If you experience these symptoms, you may be suffering from a TMJ disorder.

Dental Night Guards for TMJ Treatment

Dr. Rajpal may offer a dental night guard to treat TMJ disorder. A night guard is a hard dental appliance that applies pressure on your teeth to gradually realign the jaw while you sleep, taking pressure off the strained joints. Dr. Rajpal will take impressions of your teeth and mouth to create a custom-fitted night guard that will restore optimal jaw alignment, which can prevent jaw pain, restore dental alignment, and prevent bruxism. Please talk to Dr. Rajpal to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for TMJ treatment with night guards.

Your Personalized TMJ Disorder Consultation

TMJ disorders can be treated through a variety of restorative dentistry procedures, nightguards, and other treatments. Dr. Rajpal is uniquely experienced in treating TMJ disorders in Beverly Hills. She works with each patient individually and identifies which restorative treatment option will be most effective. Dr. Rajpal’s goal is to identify and treat the cause of the TMJ disorder and advise patients on how to prevent the symptoms from worsening. Additionally, Dr. Rajpal offers a variety of treatment options to help patients feel comfortable again.

During the consultation, Dr. Rajpal will evaluate your jaw’s range of motion. She will also apply pressure on various parts of your jaw to identify the pain points, following which she will listen for popping and grinding sounds, which can indicate the true cause of jaw pain. Dr. Rajpal will also use cutting-edge diagnostic tools to visualize your internal dental anatomy, including dental x-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans. After performing a thorough consultation, Dr. Rajpal will curate a personalized TMJ treatment plan.

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