Dr. Anjali Rajpal, the leading cosmetic dentist at Beverly Hills Dental Arts, has a stellar global reputation for smile makeovers and cosmetic dentistry. Patients visit our dental clinic in Beverly Hills from across the globe to achieve the perfect Hollywood smile. We offer comprehensive virtual consultations and treatment plans and assist all out-of-town patients with travel and accommodations.

Virtual Consultations + Treatment Plans

Dr. Anjali Rajpal offers comprehensive virtual consultations to all, including out-of-town patients. She can virtually evaluate your smile, discuss your concerns and goals, and recommend the ideal cosmetic treatments. Based on her initial assessment, she curates a prospective treatment plan and the timeline for the entire procedure so you have all the information necessary before booking your tickets.

Travel Arrangements + Accommodations

Beverly Hills Dental Arts offers comprehensive information on travel arrangements and accommodations. We can recommend the best and most accessible luxury hotels in Beverly Hills and connect you to reliable limousine and chauffeur services. We want your stay in Beverly Hills to be comfortable, allowing you to complete the entire treatment plan without discomfort.

Schedule a Consultation

Beverly Hills Dental Arts is a luxurious dental clinic specializing in cosmetic dentistry services in Beverly Hills. Dr. Anjali Rajpal curates highly personalized smile makeovers based on your specific dental anatomy, facial anatomy, and expectations. Whether you’re in another city in the United States or another part of the world, please schedule your virtual consultation to initiate the process.

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