Also known as The Diamond Dentist®, Dr. Rajpal is famed for her artistic creation of the Diamond Smile. She aesthetically places tooth gems while incorporating diamonds and Swarovski crystals to give smiles a sparkling effect by capturing colorful prisms of light. She collaborates with clients to produce unique designs individualized for their personalities and treats each smile as a work of art. If you’d like to make your teeth shine bright like diamonds, contact Dr. Rajpal to explore your options today.

What is the Diamond Smile?

The Diamond Smile is Dr. Rajpal’s innovative smile makeover technique, which involves attaching diamonds and Swarovski crystals to your teeth. The diamonds and crystals capture colorful prisms of light and make your teeth look radiant. They are a beautiful fashion accessory and add style and character as they enhance each smile with their shine. Instead of offering a cookie-cutter approach, Dr. Rajpal customizes the design according to each individual’s aesthetic goals, expectations, and facial anatomy.

The Diamond Smile Process

The Diamond Smile process is fairly simple and painless. The jewels are placed superficially with no damage to the tooth structure. The treatment time for a few teeth is usually under an hour. They are attached permanently to the tooth, so they may last for years. However, it only takes a few minutes to remove the jewels and polish the tooth back to its original state, so patients can opt to wear them for a short period as well.

Permanent & Reversible Results

Patients undergoing the Diamond Smile procedure are usually concerned about two things — permanence and reversibility. The diamonds and crystals are superficially attached to your teeth without damaging the underlying structure, which means they can easily be extracted. If you don’t opt for the manual extraction of the diamonds, they can last for years. As such, the results are permanent, but you can opt to have the diamonds removed if you choose.

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Beverly Hills Dental Arts is a premier cosmetic dental practice specializing in smile makeovers and the latest and safest cosmetic treatments. Dr. Rajpal is known as the Diamond Dentist® because she pioneered the Diamond Smile process, which involves attaching diamonds and Swarovski crystals to the teeth to enhance the radiance of your smile. If you want to add character and brilliance to your smile, please schedule a consultation with the Diamond Dentist® in Beverly Hills today.

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