At Beverly Hills Dental Arts, we utilize the iTero Element 5D imaging system for precise digital scanning. This state-of-the-art technology enhances diagnostic accuracy, provides 3D digital impressions, and ensures optimal dental care.

Visualize your teeth and gums with precision

Digital scanning in dentistry employs advanced technology like the iTero Element 5D to create precise, three-dimensional images of your teeth and gums. This non-invasive procedure captures detailed impressions, enabling your dentist to diagnose issues and plan treatments with exceptional accuracy. It enhances patient experience by allowing you to see visual simulations of treatment outcomes, making it easier to understand your dental care plan and track progress. Digital scanning improves the precision of treatments like Invisalign and veneers, ensuring better results and a more comfortable experience.

Digital scanning can identify:

  • Tooth decay, including early-stage cavities
  • Gum disease and periodontal pockets
  • Misalignment issues for orthodontic treatments
  • Wear and tear on teeth, such as cracks or chips
  • Interproximal caries (cavities between teeth)
  • Precise oral structure for crowns, bridges, and veneers

How does digital scanning work?

Digital scanning uses optical technology to capture detailed images of your oral structures. The iTero Element 5D scanner emits a safe light beam that scans your teeth and gums, creating thousands of reference points. These points are compiled into a precise 3D digital model using advanced algorithms. The scanner also integrates Near-Infrared Imaging (NIRI) to detect interproximal caries without radiation. This digital model allows for accurate diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring, improving the overall quality and precision of dental care.

Why we use the iTero Element 5D scanner

We use the iTero Element 5D scanner because it provides unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in capturing 3D digital impressions of your teeth and gums. Its advanced technology, including Near-Infrared Imaging (NIRI), allows us to detect cavities without radiation. This scanner enhances patient comfort, improves diagnostic precision, and facilitates better communication by providing real-time visualizations of your dental health and treatment progress.

Advantages of digital scanning:

  • Captures highly accurate 3D images of teeth and gums
  • Non-invasive and eliminates the need for traditional molds
  • Speeds up diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Allows you to see simulations of treatment outcomes
  • Helps Detect cavities
  • Enhances understanding between you and your dentist
  • Ensures precise fitting for crowns, bridges, and orthodontic devices
  • Monitors progress and effectiveness of treatments

What happens during the digital scanning session?

During your digital scanning session, the dentist will use the iTero Element 5D scanner to capture detailed 3D images of your teeth and gums. You’ll sit comfortably as the scanner’s wand is moved around your mouth, emitting a safe light beam to capture thousands of reference points. The process is quick and noninvasive, typically taking only a few minutes. You can see the images in real-time and discuss your dental health and treatment options with your dentist.

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