If you have missing teeth, dentures can provide a wonderful solution to restore the appearance and function of your teeth. Complete or partial dentures can be attached to your gums or fastened to your dental implants, thereby replacing the visible components of natural teeth. Thanks to recent advancements in technologies, Dr. Rajpal curates natural-looking dentures that offer natural functionality and optimal aesthetic appearance, helping you achieve the perfect smile. Please contact Dr. Rajpal to explore your denture options.

What are Dentures?

Dentures replace missing teeth by fitting over your natural teeth or dental implants. Dentures are made out of a number of different materials, including acrylics and porcelain. Partial dentures can also be used if you are only missing a few teeth or if the gap is too large for a dental bridge. Traditional dentures are attached to your gums in order to replace the missing teeth without surgical intervention. But if you want a more stable and natural solution, you can opt for implant-supported dentures.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures use a realistic, gum-colored base that fits over your gums securely and comfortably. Similar to a retainer, the upper denture often covers both your gums and the roof of your mouth. The lower denture is shaped and molded so that it will not get in the way of your tongue. Advancements in dental technology have made dentures extremely comfortable, and they look like real teeth.

Dr. Rajpal excels in customizing each patient’s set of dentures with both comfort and aesthetics in mind. To create your personal set of dentures, Dr. Rajpal will take digital impressions of your teeth. After these impressions are taken, Dr. Rajpal creates a custom set of dentures that fit your mouth. The complete dentures look indistinguishable from natural teeth, allowing you to eat and speak comfortably.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures function exactly like complete dentures as a solution to some missing teeth. Instead of a complete set of dentures, some patients determine that partial dentures are the best option in order to have a confident smile and a functional set of teeth. The procedure for building partial dentures is the same as full dentures, and Dr. Rajpal makes it a priority to ensure the patient’s comfort and confidence.

Partial dentures are made specifically for each patient and are created so that the color of the dentures matches the natural color of the patient’s teeth. Dr. Rajpal also uses natural-looking materials that look indistinguishable from natural teeth, so no one will tell the difference. If you’re missing numerous teeth from different parts of your mouth, you might be the ideal candidate for partial dentures in Beverly Hills.

Implant Dentures

Traditional complete and partial dentures are extremely convenient, but they have one drawback — they don’t support the underlying jawbone tissues. Since complete and partial dentures aren’t rooted to your jawbone, they don’t offer the same functionality as natural teeth. You must also remove the dentures occasionally while cleaning, which can prevent them from feeling like natural teeth. But implant dentures offer the ideal alternative.

Implant dentures are complete or partial dentures attached to a series of dental implants. The oral surgeon drills implants into strategic locations on the jawbone tissues, where they become firmly rooted parts of your dental anatomy. Dental implants essentially replace the root structures of your missing teeth. After implantation, complete or partial dentures are permanently fastened to the implants, offering a firm, stable, and natural replacement for missing teeth.

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